Camp of The Saints Podcast – Episode 01: Camp of The Saints

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The Camp of The Saints is not a denomination. It’s a group of Christians who realized that the new testament was not addressed to a flock that was scattered here and there but was written for godly and righteous men whose households were joined together in a community of faith. Christ never intended for you to live miles from your meetinghouse surrounded by non-believers in your place of residence. Jesus is calling together a group of like-minded people who will worship the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Living and working together in a community that is dedicated to preserving the true faith until He returns to establish, His millennial reign. If we are to survive the difficult times that lie ahead, we must set aside the foolish notion of division we harbor and follow the word of God. Living and working together has the body of Christ should. If one can put a thousand to flight, and two ten thousand imagine what a whole community of spirit-filled men of God can do.

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