Ezra T. Gray


Ezra T. Gray

Ezra T. Gray grew up in a small town in the mid-south where he was born again at the age of eleven while attending an old-fashioned Pentecostal Revival. While the road may have been rocky, he has always maintained his relationship with Jesus Christ. After graduating high school, he joined the military. He attended John A. Logan College and Southern Illinois University, majoring in Criminal Justice and Administration of Justice. He has since spent his time working in various positions related to that field.

In his travels Ezra visited many exotic locations and has crossed the United States from coast to coast, living in places as far apart as Maine and Alaska.

Ezra has many varied interests. He is a 32nd-degree Mason, an ordained minister, a black belt in Judo and a firearms instructor. He is also a dedicated Biblical scholar, studying scripture three times a day without fail.

Writing has always been one of his passions. He began writing short stories years ago for friends and subsequently had some published. He has several published novels and a collection of short stories.

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