Camp of The Saints

Camp of the Saints

Ezra T. Gray


Camp of The Saints

Darkness has fallen…

The Great Tribulation has come. America—and the world—is ruled by an anti-Christian government. Nephilim again walk the earth and chimeras roam like packs of feral dogs.

There was no pre-Tribulation rapture, and most Christians were unprepared for The Tribulation. Only a small percentage of the world’s Christian population remains and those left have only three choices: take the Mark of the Beast, die, or run.

But there are lights in the darkness…

In a small cabin in the Rocky Mountain wilderness, one young warrior faces down a pack of chimeras and meets some unlikely allies. Guided by God and assisted by angels, this small band of determined Christians prepares for a journey so important even the Devil himself is determined to stop them.


Camp of The Saints is now available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.


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