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Can You Imagine?


Just Imagine is dedicated to short stories that are sure to give you nightmares!

Below you will find a list containing amazing stories and contemporary fables from the enigmatic mind of  Ezra T. Gray.  The first of these stories, Better, is featured in The Grove & Other Stories, a short story collection which is available on Amazon in either paperback or kindle form.


To read the stories click on the desired title. Without further ado, please enjoy… if you dare!


The man-beast perched on the limb, his chest muscles straining against the shredded remains of his shirt. Soon these last fragments of humanity would fall away and he would be just a beast. Once he had been just a man. Puny. Pathetic. Now he was stronger. Faster. Better…

The Caretaker

It was, without a doubt, a Grand Old House — or at least it had been at one time. Now it had problems. The house had gone through a lot of changes in the 240 years since it was built, updates like modern plumbing, electricity, phones, cable TV and the like. It was quite modern now, but still had that colonial feel. In its time, it had housed some very important people, people that had played a role in shaping policy for the land. You see, the house was more than just a house, it was, in fact, a national treasure belonging to the Great Land…

The Corn King

The King stood on the parapet and looked out across the Valley. To the west he could see the sun setting over the great mountains that formed the western barrier of his kingdom. He turned and looked to the great eastern mountains that protected the opposite border of his kingdom. Luscious rich valleys ran as far as one could see to the north and south, until both ran into the sea…

The Curator

“How long have you been The Curator?” the little boy asked.
The boy appeared to be no more than eight, maybe, and small for his age.
“Not long,” The Curator snapped, irritated. Then, to himself, he muttered, “not long enough.”
The Curator was slender and not particularly tall, though his narrow frame made him look tall from a distance…

Not a Damn Thing

I could see nothing. Neither black nor white, no colors, nothing. Even pitch black is something. I’d spent a lot time in caves and even in the deepest darkest crevices of eternal night there was black. This was different. I could hear nothing, taste nothing, smell nothing, feel nothing…

Sneaky Snake

I do not know, I guess I admired the snake. Well, admiration is not exactly what I felt for it. Need, perhaps? Gladness? Most certainly.  Or security? Yes, secure. That is how I felt. Secure. However, it was still a snake and the snake is a symbol for evil, right?

The Will of the People Will Not Be Usurped

“The will of the people will not be usurped! The will of the people will not be usurped! The will of the people will not be usurped! The will of the people….” The words sounded over and over again in the solemn assembly until the ruddy orator in the front of the hall held up his hand. “So,” he shouted, “do we adopt this or no?” Shouts reverberated throughout the assembly. “Aye! Aye! Aye!”

The Unjust Steward

“The donkey is gone again,” the boy said with a grimace.
The boy’s father rolled his eyes. “Blazes! That is the worst animal on this place. Everything else pulls its own weight, stays around even if you leave the gate wide open, but not that infernal beast!” The man threw his arms up in frustration. “Boy, go get some help and see if you can find it. I am sure the steward will want it back, but you be careful — and listen, tell everyone else to be careful, too. Those Jackals have gotten real bad lately. All the farms in the area have suffered losses…

The Witch Tax

Ron knew he had made the witch mad, very mad. He’d made it through the swamp without her catching him, again. He looked back over his right shoulder. She was stomping the ground where he’d just walked minutes before. He knew he was safe, though. Her magic was useless beyond the boundaries of the swamp…

Wolf Haters

The young man saw the wolf. It was not a particularly large wolf, but it was a wolf, nevertheless.  One thing the youth knew, even in his short thirteen years of life, there was no such thing as a lone wolf. Where there was one, there were more—kind of like rats…

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